Project: Displacement / reinvention


A meditation on the act of migration.

A person’s identity is constructed and carved on many transcendent pillars:  home, friends, pets, neighbourhood, favourite tools, career etc. These pillars are represented by the wood beams which pivot from a central axis, a core, essence or soul if you will.

Migration forces a reconfiguration. It provokes an identity displacement. It frees space to carve more. It helps discover new inner unknown spaces that were hidden or inaccessible.  Some of the pillars are left behind while others are transported, shifting their position around the core of one's self.

This piece invites the viewer to touch, play and explore the wood beams. When isolated each beam makes little sense, when combined, the analogy takes shape.

Shocased in:
2023 NUANCE, L Space, Humber Galleries (Group), Toronto

2022 New Vistas, Humber Galleries, Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery (Group) Toronto