Project: Aztlan Quest Key 2

Art Director / Concept Artist

Gabriel Arrache

Aztlan Quest is a video game set in an alternate reality where the Aztec Empire became the dominant power in the New World and developed a rivalry with Europe, leading to a war of ideologies in the present day. The game follows Huitzi, a young woman tasked with finding the lost city of Aztlan, and her encounter with Tlacatecolotl, an outlaw priest of Tlaloc. Together, they uncover a conspiracy led by the emperor Zipactli and a secret society dedicated to preserving the belief that human sacrifice is necessary to keep the sun moving across the sky. The game takes place in a modern city built on a lake, where canals and amphibian vehicles called Acalli are the primary means of transportation. Huitzi and Tlacatecolotl plan to overthrow Zipactli, with the help of Huitzi's newly acquired abilities from the god Quetzalcoatl.

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